Monday, 3 February 2014

My top favorite Youtubers

Lately I've been obsessed with youtube and Youtubersso I came Up with a List that I really loved them and I felt that they are a Part of me
**Listed in no particular order

This girl is definitely beautiful she was the first beauty guru I saw on the youtube she was doing a School Supplies Haul and since that day I got addicted to Beauty Hauls and stuff like that

2.Bethany Mota
If you are familiar with youtube you may have noticed her, She is a teenager whom she finally has achieved her dreams by doing her own clothing line at aeropostale,And you can check her channel

3.Macbby11 ''Alisha Marie''
You know those girls who you feel so relatable to what they say,,,Alisha is so unique on youtube.
she has her own style and her own taste in editing She is so beautiful and Nice to her fans

Like No other youtuber,Ingrid is so professional and her videos always have that sophistacated taste that no one can copy her videos she is also so Unique

She is just a cute blonde girl who upload videos on youtube about beauty and stuff,I'm actually so excited about her DIY videos on Seventeen Magazine Youtube channel The 1st Video was awsome you should definitely check that out
Wanna be a hipister 
The channel name is cute and special and the girls are so pretty and friendly we became friends in a short day their channel is cheerful and is growing fast 

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