Thursday, 10 April 2014

tips on how to shop for spring clothes

As usual im so excited for spring I tend to get excited about most ofthe seasonal changes. I actually feel like spring is the mini summer and fall is the mini winter .And how don't love minis
I actually love seasonal changes because of shopping I get excited about buying new stuff and clothes and styling them up and taking photos of my OOTD And making my own lookbook on pinterest
here are my tips and tricks for enjoying shopping

1.Be nerdy
I love to open the online stores of F21 AND H&M.Basically any clothing store but actually when you have a pen and paper and you surf the internet you can actually write what are the most thing that you liked...Did you like the mint green trend or the leggings?Maybe the sweatpants so when you realise what did you actually like and you yell at the screen and at yourself WOW!!! Write it down so when you go to the store you will know what are you searching for And That way you won't mess everything

2.Picture yourself
While you are at the store Picture yourself wearing that muscle tee with your black legging and doing a messy bun That way you will have inpiration that will help you in the future if you bought that piece you will also know if that piece is worth buying or not because most of the time we get stuff and we don't know how we should wear them or style them we don't even notice how they look like

3.Watch youtube videos
They are kinda attractive and time consuming they are worth it I tend to recieve alot of compliments when I dress up according to the tips they say

4.Pin it Pin it
Yeah Use pinterest you can just type ''Spring Outfits''And you will find ideas that Might help you know what are the items actually in your wishlist

5. dress from head to toe
We tend to forget about our shoes but they actually complete the outfits
Try to wear a shoe that go with purse and the headband you are wearing

What did you decided to buy this year??

Ways to make memories and make your life more fun

memories...memories the thing that help us get through a bad day
If you have a lot of memories you will be able to escape that bad day to that bright cheerful one in the past that might make you smile.
Since I found out that making memories is so important I decided to find ways to make life or special days memorable

1.Capture it
Our phones are getting better and better Phones are now like DSLR Cameras they give same quality so why not capture those cute outfits you wore or anything that you liked

2.Write it
Have a journal and write all your memories about that day.All the pros and cons and everything that happened be sure to be fair don't mention words that are completely negative so it will make you feel negative in the future also don't make it too positive so you will feel like you are living in a fairytale in the future

3.Remember the date
Okay my friends feel like im a talking calender I always associate the dates and remember the events I always feel like dates make me happy I don't know why I don't use that in a history test but anyways

4.Electronize it
Blog,Tweet,post about it
It will make you actually save the date so As you walk through your timeline you will find yourself seeing what happened in the past months

5.Talk about it
Tell your parents about it
Your friends anyone that you trust so that way when you feel down they will know what can they do to cheer you up
Don't worry they won't consider you a cray cray


Monday, 24 March 2014

Reasons why you should study

As teens we like to stay by the couch and watch netflix and surf the internet and check on our social networks and actually no one think about school or work or mainly studying but since i was a child i liked studying so here are my reasons
1. The eager to learn
actually if you don't have the eager to learn you won't go any further ... The eager makes you interested so you will remember the ideas more than when you are just studying them for the exam I usually see it from the another perspective I tend to see it as a helping method to make a me a better person 

2. Dont make anybody let you down
For sure our bestfriends didn't read that blogpost but most of them are more likely to devlop the hatred toward studying. Most of us see studying as that monster that kept us away from partying in the middle of the week or made us can't watch the season finale of pll or glee but actually studying isn't that negative. People complain about studying most of their time but don't listen for them 

3.make it fun 
Have alot of coloring highlighters and alot of mechanical pencil so you can have some flashcards you can study from them and also they will be colored so you won't be bored also this will make you excited about school 

4. Set yourself free 
You are not asked to stay studying for 10 hours ... Just read what you have learnt and after 3 hours you are free to do what you look for without any restrictions cuz you have done everything you should actually do without any regrets 

5. Don't procrastinate 
I know that the periodic table is making you crazy but believe me 10 years later your daughter will come and ask you what is a periodic table and you will answer proudly without trying to secretly googling it so procastinating now will show it effect 10 years later and here is karma also procrastinating 

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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Ways to make the weekend more fun

We all hate school but as me ... I like school just because of the weekend it may seem weird but like I feel like i deserve this with no regrets so here are my tips on how to spice up your weekend 

1.Ditch it off
Once you leave school forget about all what happened that day but make sure not to forget your homework... Finish all your homework and studying all things you can do in your friday night so you can chill the rest off the weekend

2.set the mood
Have a certain candle and a certain tv show you watch only on the weekendso you can enjoy watching it after doing your homework without regrets so you will actually enjoy it 
Also have a nice music playing in the background while you are cleaning your backpack or piling up your laundry and its better to have a certain list sadly my spotify isn't working but you can actually make your own playlist or you can download songza which basically set up a playlist for every mood and every actoon and it also give you suggestions depending on the time you check in the app 

3.take a nap
Mostly our sleep cycle is usually damaged from the weekdays where ypu hot snooze most of the days un controlably and thats obviously not healthy but we all actually do it so make sure to take a nap it won't make you lose anything 

Sound weird ? Just came up with this abbreviation it stand for girls night out why not hang out with your friends on a satirday morning for a cone of ice cream it actually could make your next week so fresh and memorable. Also don't forget to take a selfie 

5. Have a spa day

Have you favorite bath bomb handy and jump in the shower. You can do a hair mask or a face mask and apply it to your hair or even shave it actually make a hige difference and don't forget to burn your davorite candle because it actually make a difference but make sure to burn the candle not the house JK JK JK 
Just stay safe
So these were my tips for today 
What are yours? 

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Ways to be ready for spring❤️

spring is actually mostly her and we all need to have that perfect body and the perfect closet and perfect room and everything so we can enjoy spring
Spring is actually my best season...Fall is also My favorite this is what make me so excited to it so lets discuss together some tips how to be ready and enjoy spring

Maxi skirts and dresses are actually my favorite because they kinda have a pair with the weather so its kinda a win win situation you look cute and you don't feel the hotness of the weather and still enjoying the day

2.Smell the roses
Spring is all about the weather so you defiantly can go for a hike and enjoy the smell of the roses and take the perfect selfies and it would be so joyful if you invited a friend with you so you can share thoughts and chat all the way long

3.Buy new candles
You can get yours at B&BW,Its not about candles only you can get lotions and shower gels hand sanitizers .Spring is all about smelling good no one wanna smell sweaty while trying this new shirt

4.Floral is a trend
Floral maxi skirts,cardigans.tee's and everything say that floral is the key like its starting to be a closet essential for this year and no one wanna look like a girl from the 60's

5.Make your skin ready
Since winter we tend to have chapped lips and a wrinkled hand I don't know I f im the only one or what but I feel like its a real problem to me because I feel like my granny **NO OFFENSE**

6.Work That Body
Its not about being skinny but you need to be healthy the really boost your immune system and make you feel better to having a workout routine is actually perfect

Ways to look better in photos🙋

Its the year of selfies and as the 2013 ended people started using flipgram.People are all crazy about Instagra.Nobody wanna look like a ZOOMBIE.So as days pass I find out how I can take the best selfies or photos in general

Choosing the lightening is the most important tip.Don't take selfies at a dark room that's won't turn good You can use a front facing flash In your snapchat app and If you would like me to explain this tell me and I will definitely do.Also you can get use of the shiny mornings an take the perfect selfie.

If you use Instagram you had probably know what I am actually talking about.A filter is the group of photo enhancement which make the photo brighter or gloomier so when you want to hide a defect use a gloomy one and when you want to make your face look flawless use a brighter one.This actually works when you try it.

3.Go Crazy...Stay classy
Apply many filters.But you still have to be crazy yet classy like don't go to that of fashioned editing here you apply weird stickers in the shape of kisses and umbrellas keep it natural and make people when they see feel like the photo is not originally edited yet looking good

4.Wear bright colors clothes
Don't take photo or an ootd where you are wearing a black sweater on a jeans thats not cute and will make the photo gloomy and actually no one like the the gloomy photos because they tend to make people feel depressed

Don't overdo the duckface its kinda sarcastic ...people WHO HAVE DIMPLES You are lucky so show them don't hide your cheeks they are perfect

This is kinda weird but don't overdo the smiling face you can always laugh but keep it natural Like remember something funny and then laugh and SNAP IT .You are now done and everything is OKAY !!!
So remember to laugh the next time

7.Keep it natural
as I said if don't feel like smiling or laughing don't try to be natural photos is actually for memories and when we share them we share them so we can share our memories with our lovies If you have any people that you don't trus them You have the right to remove them

Be proud of yourself and your body if you have any part you don't wanna show easily crop it or put blurry spot over it

Friday, 28 February 2014

How to enjoy studying

Finals are so close and of you still don't know how does the pages look like ??!! so you are in a deep trouble definietly because of procastination and procastination occur when you are not enjoying the content 

So here are my tips 
1.have the eager 
If you are studying something related with your body have the eager to know what happens inside like how is the food digested and how you sometimes feel nervous all that kind of stuff is actually interesting

2. Take break 
I dont know why but i tend to forget about breaks I go through studying as a one shot and I tell myself like when i finish I will have a break thats not interesting and it is also not productive and speaking of productivity you need to be perfect at that 

3.Reward yourself 
Rewarding isnt like taking a break breaks is a must but rewarding depends on your preformance during work so if you finished reviewing the next flashcards successfully then you deserve an ice cream cone now or at the weekend 

4.Its your future
Think about it ... How is it like when your kid ask you to tell him what is the function of the liver and you actually dont know because of being too lazy to open yhe book,how is it like to feel so embarrased infront of your boss when he ask you to do a long division 
To study or not is a tomorrow decision

Ever watched a movie where the hero and the heroine end up depressed ... Ot must have the perfect emding so do you you need to study to graduate and have your own freedom to choose your life that no one would choose it to you 
Did these tips worked for you ... Tell me