Saturday, 1 March 2014

Ways to look better in photos🙋

Its the year of selfies and as the 2013 ended people started using flipgram.People are all crazy about Instagra.Nobody wanna look like a ZOOMBIE.So as days pass I find out how I can take the best selfies or photos in general

Choosing the lightening is the most important tip.Don't take selfies at a dark room that's won't turn good You can use a front facing flash In your snapchat app and If you would like me to explain this tell me and I will definitely do.Also you can get use of the shiny mornings an take the perfect selfie.

If you use Instagram you had probably know what I am actually talking about.A filter is the group of photo enhancement which make the photo brighter or gloomier so when you want to hide a defect use a gloomy one and when you want to make your face look flawless use a brighter one.This actually works when you try it.

3.Go Crazy...Stay classy
Apply many filters.But you still have to be crazy yet classy like don't go to that of fashioned editing here you apply weird stickers in the shape of kisses and umbrellas keep it natural and make people when they see feel like the photo is not originally edited yet looking good

4.Wear bright colors clothes
Don't take photo or an ootd where you are wearing a black sweater on a jeans thats not cute and will make the photo gloomy and actually no one like the the gloomy photos because they tend to make people feel depressed

Don't overdo the duckface its kinda sarcastic ...people WHO HAVE DIMPLES You are lucky so show them don't hide your cheeks they are perfect

This is kinda weird but don't overdo the smiling face you can always laugh but keep it natural Like remember something funny and then laugh and SNAP IT .You are now done and everything is OKAY !!!
So remember to laugh the next time

7.Keep it natural
as I said if don't feel like smiling or laughing don't try to be natural photos is actually for memories and when we share them we share them so we can share our memories with our lovies If you have any people that you don't trus them You have the right to remove them

Be proud of yourself and your body if you have any part you don't wanna show easily crop it or put blurry spot over it

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