Friday, 28 February 2014

How to enjoy studying

Finals are so close and of you still don't know how does the pages look like ??!! so you are in a deep trouble definietly because of procastination and procastination occur when you are not enjoying the content 

So here are my tips 
1.have the eager 
If you are studying something related with your body have the eager to know what happens inside like how is the food digested and how you sometimes feel nervous all that kind of stuff is actually interesting

2. Take break 
I dont know why but i tend to forget about breaks I go through studying as a one shot and I tell myself like when i finish I will have a break thats not interesting and it is also not productive and speaking of productivity you need to be perfect at that 

3.Reward yourself 
Rewarding isnt like taking a break breaks is a must but rewarding depends on your preformance during work so if you finished reviewing the next flashcards successfully then you deserve an ice cream cone now or at the weekend 

4.Its your future
Think about it ... How is it like when your kid ask you to tell him what is the function of the liver and you actually dont know because of being too lazy to open yhe book,how is it like to feel so embarrased infront of your boss when he ask you to do a long division 
To study or not is a tomorrow decision

Ever watched a movie where the hero and the heroine end up depressed ... Ot must have the perfect emding so do you you need to study to graduate and have your own freedom to choose your life that no one would choose it to you 
Did these tips worked for you ... Tell me 

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