Monday, 24 February 2014

5 Ways to Increase Your water Intake

As teens we tend to live a hard stressful Life we have our friends and our family and our school and all these stuff make it horrible to pay yourself a drink unless its a trend so here are my tip I've been inspired so much by Cambria AKA "BREELOVESBEAUTY" On Youtube so I wwill link my Favorite video in the sources
So by the way here are my favorite tips

1.Buy a water bottle
Not the plain ones...Get a colorful one they might cost the sme but like the one with colors will be more inspiring and encouraging and this lead to more water intake which is what we are searching for

2.Set a 2 hour reminder on your phone
We The day have 24 hours and we sleep 8 hours and we are up 16 Hours so You will set 8 reminders saying "Drink a cup of water " which lead to 2 liters of water and this is what all doctors agree about that we need 8 cups of water and this is so easy

3.Ditch Soda
Yeah we spend our time drinking pepsi and cola and we forget about water which is the real essential to complete this life and SURVIVE

4.Take water wherever you go
Going to school or college and taking your floral water bottle with you is the best thing you may do while you teacher is trying to start his or her daily drama take sips of water and forget about everything happening around it really work Believe me
I tend to drink about 1.2 litres of water when I'm at school but since winter break I tend to drink just 1 litre at the whole day

5.Use your fear
Use your fear of dehydration to drink more water
No one want to faint just because of less water intake and or have a dead skins because of water

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