Monday, 3 February 2014

School essentials for your backpack

Okay school is almost here and no one want to head to school missing something so try to follow these tip you might find them helpful

1.Mini notebook
get a mini sized planner or a notebook or even a piece of paper but make sure that its in your pencilcase and once a teacher talk about a homework or an assignment write it down that way you will never miss a quiz

2.Post it flags
those mini sized post it can be a life saver for those who had been stuck with a 60 years old teacher who seem to see every page is important and want to highlight every dingle line in the drama class

3.A water bottle
Okay we all get thirsty and we always want to drink,I usualyy have those teachers who always have phobias against spilling water But no one want to have a De-hydration

They are useful,cheap,handy and nice and smell really puuuurfect.
Get one from bath and body works they are a dollar or less and this one have been my favorite for this month

5.Emergency Money
Okay how about feeling hungry and craving for a chocolate ?
have some 10$ with you in that back pocket that you can sneak and get

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