Saturday, 22 February 2014

Reasons why Maxi skirts are perfect

Maxi skirts are so feminine and colorful so here are my reasons why I really love them


They are so feminine and beautiful
I always feel like a bad boy whenever I wear a short or a skinny Pant but skirts and dresses espicially Maxi ones are perfect
They make you feel the girly side of you


They are so modest they don't show any part of your body which is perfect if you have anybody issues and without making any highlight to any part of the body

3.Throw and go

They are easy to wear and style and they don't take time even if you are traveling they don't take any space in the suitcase so that's why I really really love them

4.Shave would be for men only

Okay you are not forced to rush every time you go out to go to the bathtub and shave those fancy legs You can throw any maxi skirts and go

5.Be unique

It is not a trend I KNOW ...But it is still fashionable so when you will wear it you will be unique and yet looking good
So are you going to change your whole closet to maxi skirts?
On scale from 1 to 10 how was this convincing ?

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