Saturday, 22 February 2014

3 reasons why evernote is perfect for everyone

I know that we over use the cell phone and technology but think about it ... No one can live in a luxury and he will go to sleep in street so the trick is to know what app is perfect for you and why and in this post we are going to tell you why do you need evernote

1. Handy 

A handy dandy app when you are left with thousands of ideas and you dont know what to write and on what because You don't have a paper so this really make it worthy


YEAH!!I'm actually shouting cuz being organized is a must to make you in a better mood
I'm that Kind of person that need 10000 notebooks to write her thoughts do lists

Yeah they allow you to have that check box which allow you to finish your stuff and manage your time without forggeting anything
and this really make your life less stressful

Just came up with these
Did you use the app Tell me what do you think ??

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