Sunday, 23 February 2014

Reason why pretty little liars is so addicting

I wont say something that I didnt do but I have started watching PLL. Just that last august and it was incredible this made me feel like Pretty little liars is a legend and here are my reasons that I liked That nice show

1.So relatable 
The show isn't based on a true story but it really happen around our daily life because they are 4 teenager who tend to fall 

2.Moral Side
This show has the moral side very powerful it encourage you to stop lying.
And the second thing is also very moral and it is that you should spread love and never make any usless enemies 

3.Their fashion 

The liars have a very special fashion type 
Aria is the Girly one and hanna is the diva Emily is the sporty and casual one and also spencer have that sophisticated side

4.Cute couples
Don't know about you guys but I ship Spoby or spencer and toby and these guys are incredible 
Toby would do anything to protect her and also haleb was cute but they don't tend to exist alot and now they broke up but I think they will be back 

5.They discuss everything 
They discuss family problems,Friends and boyfriends they discuss bullying and money problems they have the funny side and the dramatic side 

So how long have you been watching PLL? 

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