Monday, 17 February 2014

5 Methods to keep your room clean and organized

we all as teenagers and especially girls have that messy room that never improve our mood or make us feel positive so Here is my top tips and ways to make yo re-organize your room

1. The 15 minutes method
In our life no one can think about 15 minutes as a long period of time so we all can use a timer and a reminder to organize our messy room
a timer to set on a 15 minutes which will keep you motivated while you are organizing and not falling as a prey to the condition and a reminder to remind you obviously make sure to spend these 15 before 2 hours of going to bed

2.the minute by minute method
this can work for some people
So have a guide to yourself about where you should put everything,Put labels,or anything that will remind you where you should place this thing and once you finish using it place it back

3.The hide hide method
SOUNDS FUNNY?But actually doesn't work very well for people who don't have small rooms
this method is based on placing everything in a drawer or a closet something that will hide the stuff and not make them exposed and that is perfect for teens who are lazy so you can just throw anything in its place without any effort

4.The Pile Pile method
this work for people who dont have enough space for drawers and these stuff so they can place their stuff vertically on shelves and this will also save space

5.the de-clutter method
this is already essential but not all people do it
so every month sit down with your self and decide 5 things or more you must donate,throw or recycle

This is all of my tips if you tried any of these tell me your experience and also tell me if I Missed any other ideas

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