Saturday, 22 February 2014

Reasons you need to start a sport now

You are worth it and you are beautiful...your teenage years are worth to be kind to them so why not do to yourself some goodness?

1.Your body talks to you
If you are feeling that your thighs are getting  out of control so you definitely need to start doing some sports and even some squats of jumping jacks would be good

2.Kill that time
Okay your stomach will never learn the difference between being bored and being hungry so the next time you have those unhealthy cravings head to kitchen Dink water and head back to bedroom and do some squats or jumping jacks any kind of workout Until you have a sport with a certain schedule

3.Know new people
You will be surrounded by people who have the same interest so if you started playing soccer or basketball or even You hung out with a treadmill you will have a new friend and you will feel better about yourself

4.Embrace the concept
Okay we all love the "LOOK"This is unfair because your body doesn't only about the look but also about the digestion.respiration and all that kind of stuff so don't waste your whole life trying to look good in these pair of shorts 

Think about what is the worst thing would happen if you started doing it the worst thing that might happen??Your will feel tired?Doesn't make sense even 

In the end I would like to tell you ...Do anything that make you sweat 
QOTD: What was the first sport that you started to play 

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