Saturday, 22 February 2014

5 Stores teenagers love to shop at

teenagers love to shop and we need to admit it that most of us are shop holics
so lets start our list

1.Victoria Secret

Okay GIRLS,WE All love pink NO NO NO I don't mean the color I mean that section at Victoria secret where you have all your goodies and fragrances and stuff
If You are a mother seeking for a store that your teenage daughter will love definitely go check that out for her birthday or Christmas or any occasion

2.Forever 21
This store I feel like its affordable yet girly and dressy and have many themes that fit every occasion

3.Steve madden 
Havibg a nice pair of shoe is perfect every lady like a pair of shoes that will complete her outfit and make her feel UNIQUE 

4.Bath and body works
Mention something better than getting back from work and burning a candle that will nake your room scent perfectly

Okay i dont know about you but I usually feel like every store has that category thatits perfect at... But H&m is perfect for shoes,pants,jumpers and accesories also  so H&M is my go to store and I prefer downloading their app and putting your fav items in a list and showing them to the assistant at the store if you have trouble of finding a certain piece

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