Thursday, 27 February 2014

How to have a better night sleep as a teen

We as teens tend to have a messed up schedule and you would be a well experienced or in other words you will be lucky if you even had a schedule so here are my tips to get through all of this problems without messing your sleep 

1. Throw and go 
This is weird and irresponsible but sleeping is a cycle  so if you didnt sleep your 8 hours everyday this may lead to stress the other day so you need once your sleep hours start. You must be in bed no matter what and whatever happen you will wake up the next day early so you can finish what you had to do 

2.have a nap
As i have heart problems i cant nap i really miss it but anyways when you you have the chance go take a nap but don't overdo

3.Dont snack before bed 
Okay snacking is fun but snacking is really the worst thing you can make before bed ot ruins your routine 

4.No social media 
Okay vine is funny and instagram is interesting but they really make your mind going before bed and thats not fun You won't have fun seeing your ex photos infront of tour eiffel with his new girlfriend thats definietly don't make any girl sleep

5.Drink water
Alarms suck !!! Thats a fact and everyone gets sick from clicking the snooze button on your smart phone so why don't you drink a cup of water before bed that can make you wake up at the time you want to wake up

Thats all my ideas, what's yours? 

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