Sunday, 23 February 2014

Ways to start Being Healthier From That certain moment

One of my top new year resolutions is to be healthier and that isn't easy if you didn't follow a certain Guide and here you are my top tips for you and for me too

1.Increase Your water Intake
You can purchaser one from PINK Or Nike Or any sports store but throw thee plastic ones just because they are not healthy and they are also not inspiring too because they don't encourage you to dink more water but they are mostly plain But that doesn't mean that you won't drink water until you get one start today with the plastic one and reward yourself with the one from Pink or any store you like and is affordable for you

2.Sleep 9 Hours
You can sleep as much as your body want and as I usually say your body usually talk to you so don't try to forget this calling...its sometimes the call of duty that make you feel obligated so when you feel sleepy sleep its obvious but don't over do it because it could harm you instead of making you feel better

3.Start By the veggies
Juice is not always the linked word to fruits you can still drink a green juice which is full of vitamins and all that goodness that Your body system is dying for... So search for a nice veggie juice and I will search for one and I will put it Up as soon as I can

4.Workout is also for teens
we all as teens we don't have time and we are always busy hanging out with our friends at McDonald's But this isn't really good you can hang out with your friends at the gym or let them come over and do some workout.Its really fun and intense working out isn't really for fat people It's also for people who tend to love their bodies

5.Talk to yourself
People who tend to talk to their selves aren't Cray cray as you might think contrarily,People who tend to talk to themselves have better mind and that lead to better decision And that's what we want
So before you take that huge step of ordering a BIG MAC Or that Cheese cake piece Without having that passion or craving Back Off immediately

6.Challenge Yourself
so Say to yourself how many days did you survive without processed Food.Have high-score and try to break it such a small change but really make difference

7.Take a trip to the grocery
Healthy food might cost the same as processed food or may be less if you have that positive look but you really need to stop Making Excuses

8.Make an eating journal
Have an old notebook ?Yeah grab it and write the date and everything you ate and record everything that entered your mouth that's hard but at the end of the day take a look and say what is the only thing that I would have ability that I would not eat it Or in other words Choose one thing that You ate that you will be able to survive without it

What is the most tip that You liked ?

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