Friday, 28 February 2014

How to enjoy studying

Finals are so close and of you still don't know how does the pages look like ??!! so you are in a deep trouble definietly because of procastination and procastination occur when you are not enjoying the content 

So here are my tips 
1.have the eager 
If you are studying something related with your body have the eager to know what happens inside like how is the food digested and how you sometimes feel nervous all that kind of stuff is actually interesting

2. Take break 
I dont know why but i tend to forget about breaks I go through studying as a one shot and I tell myself like when i finish I will have a break thats not interesting and it is also not productive and speaking of productivity you need to be perfect at that 

3.Reward yourself 
Rewarding isnt like taking a break breaks is a must but rewarding depends on your preformance during work so if you finished reviewing the next flashcards successfully then you deserve an ice cream cone now or at the weekend 

4.Its your future
Think about it ... How is it like when your kid ask you to tell him what is the function of the liver and you actually dont know because of being too lazy to open yhe book,how is it like to feel so embarrased infront of your boss when he ask you to do a long division 
To study or not is a tomorrow decision

Ever watched a movie where the hero and the heroine end up depressed ... Ot must have the perfect emding so do you you need to study to graduate and have your own freedom to choose your life that no one would choose it to you 
Did these tips worked for you ... Tell me 

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Ways to have a better day

Sometimes we tend to have that bad day where everything is already screwed and ypu wish that your mother clap and say bed time just to feel that this day ended
That curved line that make everything stright and it make your face boost with confidence and happiness so everytime you have a bad day smile and everything will be okay and nothing really lasts forever 

2. Nothing lasts forever 
So Nothing really lasts forever everything seem to be hard and tough and that make you feel like its the end of the world 

3.pause the moment 
Okay its weird but like click the pause button and get out of the scene ... Watch it,Now how do you feel 

4.No body was borned to piss you off
Sometimes we are surrounded by bullies and boring siblings which they seem to be our enemies but like no one care about pissing you off 

When life gets tough turn on music or read a book for 20 minutes get back to life ... See? Life is still going with these problems

How to have a better night sleep as a teen

We as teens tend to have a messed up schedule and you would be a well experienced or in other words you will be lucky if you even had a schedule so here are my tips to get through all of this problems without messing your sleep 

1. Throw and go 
This is weird and irresponsible but sleeping is a cycle  so if you didnt sleep your 8 hours everyday this may lead to stress the other day so you need once your sleep hours start. You must be in bed no matter what and whatever happen you will wake up the next day early so you can finish what you had to do 

2.have a nap
As i have heart problems i cant nap i really miss it but anyways when you you have the chance go take a nap but don't overdo

3.Dont snack before bed 
Okay snacking is fun but snacking is really the worst thing you can make before bed ot ruins your routine 

4.No social media 
Okay vine is funny and instagram is interesting but they really make your mind going before bed and thats not fun You won't have fun seeing your ex photos infront of tour eiffel with his new girlfriend thats definietly don't make any girl sleep

5.Drink water
Alarms suck !!! Thats a fact and everyone gets sick from clicking the snooze button on your smart phone so why don't you drink a cup of water before bed that can make you wake up at the time you want to wake up

Thats all my ideas, what's yours? 

Monday, 24 February 2014

Things that I feel they are very overpriced

On a generous scale I consider myself to be 7 out of 10 but I actually find some certain stuff overpriced but I actually still buy them and this really weird but they are lovely so lets get into it

1.Bath and Body  works
Okay I'm really addicted to them but they tend to be over priced at sometimes but the are still amazing 3 wick candles reach 25$ which is too much for a candle yet is has good scents and the stuff used in my be so expensive

2.American Eagle Jeans
They are nicely fitting but they tend to be overpriced than other jeans I don't know why but H&M jeans TEND TO STAND AT 15$ OR AT SOMETIMES 9.99$ Which is pretty affordable for a pair of jeans

some mascaras cost more than 15$ which is pretty expensive for a mascara but I actually get the most use out of it I don't really ran out of it so fast but I Still use it so I don't know what should I say but I actually feel like it too much for any of these

a Macbook cost about 999$ which is too much for a laptop while other windows computers may cost less than 600$ But most people say that the mouse pad of the mac-book is much well built than the window's ones but I still prefer desktops over laptops so If I had a chance I would buy a iMac

5.Audible Books
I use Audible to listen to audiable books and I ten to search for a certain book they may cost more than 17$ ...If a regular book costs a 17$ It would be a Good thing because that's a written book that I can see  all the info and have time to take notes and highlight stuff but actually audible books I don't know What I'm paying for Am I paying for the person who is reading the book MAYBE???


Ways to start You own skincare routine now

Lately I have been watching alot of videos on youtube...They are not sponsored I know that but they are really encouraging to have a skincare routine..Luckily I Don't really have a poor skin so thanks god I don't need to apply foundation so I decided to Make My own routine and here are my tips

1.Visit Drug store
Go o trips to the drug store or visit the skin care section in target or any place you like get some moisturizer  and facial clean wash and all that girly stuff that make your skin perfect

2.Ask for help
I know its kind of embarrassing and weird to ask your friends about skincare stuff but You don't have to do that In a dret way you can open the discussion and see what they will say also if your mother is interested in these stuff you can also ask her and if not no problem you can still use your own knowledge
No one is born in need of something so cheer Up GIRLLL !!!!!

3..Know You skin type
One of my most faced problems is that I didn't know my skin type so I used an oily skin face wash which was so harmful on my skin and formed alot of dead skin parts on my face and sadly this was so itching that really doesn't make sense so Really you need to test this On your skin or even ask what is your skin type this is super easy

4.Use the T.T.T Method
Basically stand for Test.Try.Throw
If its allowed to test the lotion or anything test it If your skin liked it buy it and Try it at home if any problems existed Throw it Immediately

5.Lotion is Your bestfriend
Lotion is a basic skincare member In your routine.They are affordable and No harm come from them and they always leave your skin and Happy and soft so cheers to every lotion maker company and really huge thanks to them

6.Know what are the main routine making stuff.
Main things for me are Lotion... Just because they are affordable and no trouble come from them and the second essential is make up remover wipes ... I like Jonson ones they are super soft they are 3$ or 5$ Don't really remember.And the last essential for me is a face wash and I suggest johnson facial cleansing Thats not sponsored But their stuff are perfect

7. Watch Youtube videos
They are really encouraging to do alot of stuff and the biggest thing is having a certain skincare routine you will find tons now every one watches thm and they are really perfect they are really fun and they make time flow so fast and You will be shocked with the happiness your skin will be in
Thats all for my tips Did you start a skincare routine or still not convinced
sp kindly tell me what are your tip on starting a skincare routine

5 Ways to Increase Your water Intake

As teens we tend to live a hard stressful Life we have our friends and our family and our school and all these stuff make it horrible to pay yourself a drink unless its a trend so here are my tip I've been inspired so much by Cambria AKA "BREELOVESBEAUTY" On Youtube so I wwill link my Favorite video in the sources
So by the way here are my favorite tips

1.Buy a water bottle
Not the plain ones...Get a colorful one they might cost the sme but like the one with colors will be more inspiring and encouraging and this lead to more water intake which is what we are searching for

2.Set a 2 hour reminder on your phone
We The day have 24 hours and we sleep 8 hours and we are up 16 Hours so You will set 8 reminders saying "Drink a cup of water " which lead to 2 liters of water and this is what all doctors agree about that we need 8 cups of water and this is so easy

3.Ditch Soda
Yeah we spend our time drinking pepsi and cola and we forget about water which is the real essential to complete this life and SURVIVE

4.Take water wherever you go
Going to school or college and taking your floral water bottle with you is the best thing you may do while you teacher is trying to start his or her daily drama take sips of water and forget about everything happening around it really work Believe me
I tend to drink about 1.2 litres of water when I'm at school but since winter break I tend to drink just 1 litre at the whole day

5.Use your fear
Use your fear of dehydration to drink more water
No one want to faint just because of less water intake and or have a dead skins because of water

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Reason why pretty little liars is so addicting

I wont say something that I didnt do but I have started watching PLL. Just that last august and it was incredible this made me feel like Pretty little liars is a legend and here are my reasons that I liked That nice show

1.So relatable 
The show isn't based on a true story but it really happen around our daily life because they are 4 teenager who tend to fall 

2.Moral Side
This show has the moral side very powerful it encourage you to stop lying.
And the second thing is also very moral and it is that you should spread love and never make any usless enemies 

3.Their fashion 

The liars have a very special fashion type 
Aria is the Girly one and hanna is the diva Emily is the sporty and casual one and also spencer have that sophisticated side

4.Cute couples
Don't know about you guys but I ship Spoby or spencer and toby and these guys are incredible 
Toby would do anything to protect her and also haleb was cute but they don't tend to exist alot and now they broke up but I think they will be back 

5.They discuss everything 
They discuss family problems,Friends and boyfriends they discuss bullying and money problems they have the funny side and the dramatic side 

So how long have you been watching PLL? 

Ways to start Being Healthier From That certain moment

One of my top new year resolutions is to be healthier and that isn't easy if you didn't follow a certain Guide and here you are my top tips for you and for me too

1.Increase Your water Intake
You can purchaser one from PINK Or Nike Or any sports store but throw thee plastic ones just because they are not healthy and they are also not inspiring too because they don't encourage you to dink more water but they are mostly plain But that doesn't mean that you won't drink water until you get one start today with the plastic one and reward yourself with the one from Pink or any store you like and is affordable for you

2.Sleep 9 Hours
You can sleep as much as your body want and as I usually say your body usually talk to you so don't try to forget this calling...its sometimes the call of duty that make you feel obligated so when you feel sleepy sleep its obvious but don't over do it because it could harm you instead of making you feel better

3.Start By the veggies
Juice is not always the linked word to fruits you can still drink a green juice which is full of vitamins and all that goodness that Your body system is dying for... So search for a nice veggie juice and I will search for one and I will put it Up as soon as I can

4.Workout is also for teens
we all as teens we don't have time and we are always busy hanging out with our friends at McDonald's But this isn't really good you can hang out with your friends at the gym or let them come over and do some workout.Its really fun and intense working out isn't really for fat people It's also for people who tend to love their bodies

5.Talk to yourself
People who tend to talk to their selves aren't Cray cray as you might think contrarily,People who tend to talk to themselves have better mind and that lead to better decision And that's what we want
So before you take that huge step of ordering a BIG MAC Or that Cheese cake piece Without having that passion or craving Back Off immediately

6.Challenge Yourself
so Say to yourself how many days did you survive without processed Food.Have high-score and try to break it such a small change but really make difference

7.Take a trip to the grocery
Healthy food might cost the same as processed food or may be less if you have that positive look but you really need to stop Making Excuses

8.Make an eating journal
Have an old notebook ?Yeah grab it and write the date and everything you ate and record everything that entered your mouth that's hard but at the end of the day take a look and say what is the only thing that I would have ability that I would not eat it Or in other words Choose one thing that You ate that you will be able to survive without it

What is the most tip that You liked ?

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Reasons why Maxi skirts are perfect

Maxi skirts are so feminine and colorful so here are my reasons why I really love them


They are so feminine and beautiful
I always feel like a bad boy whenever I wear a short or a skinny Pant but skirts and dresses espicially Maxi ones are perfect
They make you feel the girly side of you


They are so modest they don't show any part of your body which is perfect if you have anybody issues and without making any highlight to any part of the body

3.Throw and go

They are easy to wear and style and they don't take time even if you are traveling they don't take any space in the suitcase so that's why I really really love them

4.Shave would be for men only

Okay you are not forced to rush every time you go out to go to the bathtub and shave those fancy legs You can throw any maxi skirts and go

5.Be unique

It is not a trend I KNOW ...But it is still fashionable so when you will wear it you will be unique and yet looking good
So are you going to change your whole closet to maxi skirts?
On scale from 1 to 10 how was this convincing ?

Reasons you need to start a sport now

You are worth it and you are beautiful...your teenage years are worth to be kind to them so why not do to yourself some goodness?

1.Your body talks to you
If you are feeling that your thighs are getting  out of control so you definitely need to start doing some sports and even some squats of jumping jacks would be good

2.Kill that time
Okay your stomach will never learn the difference between being bored and being hungry so the next time you have those unhealthy cravings head to kitchen Dink water and head back to bedroom and do some squats or jumping jacks any kind of workout Until you have a sport with a certain schedule

3.Know new people
You will be surrounded by people who have the same interest so if you started playing soccer or basketball or even You hung out with a treadmill you will have a new friend and you will feel better about yourself

4.Embrace the concept
Okay we all love the "LOOK"This is unfair because your body doesn't only about the look but also about the digestion.respiration and all that kind of stuff so don't waste your whole life trying to look good in these pair of shorts 

Think about what is the worst thing would happen if you started doing it the worst thing that might happen??Your will feel tired?Doesn't make sense even 

In the end I would like to tell you ...Do anything that make you sweat 
QOTD: What was the first sport that you started to play 

5 Stores teenagers love to shop at

teenagers love to shop and we need to admit it that most of us are shop holics
so lets start our list

1.Victoria Secret

Okay GIRLS,WE All love pink NO NO NO I don't mean the color I mean that section at Victoria secret where you have all your goodies and fragrances and stuff
If You are a mother seeking for a store that your teenage daughter will love definitely go check that out for her birthday or Christmas or any occasion

2.Forever 21
This store I feel like its affordable yet girly and dressy and have many themes that fit every occasion

3.Steve madden 
Havibg a nice pair of shoe is perfect every lady like a pair of shoes that will complete her outfit and make her feel UNIQUE 

4.Bath and body works
Mention something better than getting back from work and burning a candle that will nake your room scent perfectly

Okay i dont know about you but I usually feel like every store has that category thatits perfect at... But H&m is perfect for shoes,pants,jumpers and accesories also  so H&M is my go to store and I prefer downloading their app and putting your fav items in a list and showing them to the assistant at the store if you have trouble of finding a certain piece

3 reasons why evernote is perfect for everyone

I know that we over use the cell phone and technology but think about it ... No one can live in a luxury and he will go to sleep in street so the trick is to know what app is perfect for you and why and in this post we are going to tell you why do you need evernote

1. Handy 

A handy dandy app when you are left with thousands of ideas and you dont know what to write and on what because You don't have a paper so this really make it worthy


YEAH!!I'm actually shouting cuz being organized is a must to make you in a better mood
I'm that Kind of person that need 10000 notebooks to write her thoughts do lists

Yeah they allow you to have that check box which allow you to finish your stuff and manage your time without forggeting anything
and this really make your life less stressful

Just came up with these
Did you use the app Tell me what do you think ??

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

5 ways to keep the conversation going

Okay Girls we all have that bestfriend that we are afraid to chat to because we are afraid to ran out of words but here aremy tips that I have came Up with

1.Don't use (DOES,WILL,DID,IS)
These words always give a one word answer which is yes or no and this will never keep a conversation going you can reshape the question form to make it more interesting

2.Talk about something that you are doing
this really make sense but don't text him ''Hey!I'm peeing what are you Up to ?''
Be decent and open minded

Not the bad stalking...Don't make your partner feel he or she is targeted,Make it natural
But if he likes football matches Talk to him about the last goal Messi got
Sounds weird but really work

Don't text anybody everyday.This will never make you find anything to say

5.Don't PANIC
Chatting and texting isn't something to panic about...One day you will master it no matter what sp feel confident to say anything and whatever you say you will keep the conversation going

Try these tips and tell me if they worked for you

Monday, 17 February 2014

5 Methods to keep your room clean and organized

we all as teenagers and especially girls have that messy room that never improve our mood or make us feel positive so Here is my top tips and ways to make yo re-organize your room

1. The 15 minutes method
In our life no one can think about 15 minutes as a long period of time so we all can use a timer and a reminder to organize our messy room
a timer to set on a 15 minutes which will keep you motivated while you are organizing and not falling as a prey to the condition and a reminder to remind you obviously make sure to spend these 15 before 2 hours of going to bed

2.the minute by minute method
this can work for some people
So have a guide to yourself about where you should put everything,Put labels,or anything that will remind you where you should place this thing and once you finish using it place it back

3.The hide hide method
SOUNDS FUNNY?But actually doesn't work very well for people who don't have small rooms
this method is based on placing everything in a drawer or a closet something that will hide the stuff and not make them exposed and that is perfect for teens who are lazy so you can just throw anything in its place without any effort

4.The Pile Pile method
this work for people who dont have enough space for drawers and these stuff so they can place their stuff vertically on shelves and this will also save space

5.the de-clutter method
this is already essential but not all people do it
so every month sit down with your self and decide 5 things or more you must donate,throw or recycle

This is all of my tips if you tried any of these tell me your experience and also tell me if I Missed any other ideas

Saturday, 8 February 2014



1.Flushing your negative feelings
This sounds gross but its true sometimes having a bad day only need a nice new and neat keyboard And opening your blog and you start writing this would be a perfect IDEA so the next time you feel a bit sad Open Your blog and start writing anything

2.Improving your Language
We all text and go to schools but while we are texting we never consider the grammar but since I started My blog I started to think about Past perfect and weird things But still Laughing at myself and saying no one would really notice

3.Facing Problems
I feel like internet or computer have made us think that we are living in a fairy-tale and everything goes it a click but no one really forget about this feeling except when he or she faces a buggy computer

4.Know New People
We all love to make our social circles bigger and bigger, When you start a blog you might probably notice some people who usually comment a lot On your posts you might make new friends and build relations from different regions of the world

5.Making money
Last And LEAST!!!! WEIRD ? Yes ...never start a blog n order to make money this is stressful and not gonna work better make a blog for flushing your feelings especially the negative ones

So did you started to think to start A one ?

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

my favorite 5 apps to make your music always with you

I'm a music holic and music is my best thing i go to when I'm happy working or even cooking
so having a handy dandy app to make music with me always is necessary
*iPhone users recommended

I first know about this app using all women stalk blog i think this one is essential for me
its like a radio but it determine the day you are in and it play music that is probably related to the mood or the occasion or the action you might be doing
The only thing I hate about this app that it is requires you to be connected to the internet


3.Metro Lyrics
I'm that type of person who love to hear songs while reading the lyrics this really improves you langauge and your grammer and also make you feel the sense of words

4.Free mp3 downloader
I can't paste the links of the apps I wish I could but I don't know how I will but anyway this app is special because it allow you to download Music and listen to it even when you are not connected to the internet

5.Sound Cloud
This is essential if your friends are the types of persons who like to preform covers
I have that friend that usually send me links to her covers of music on sound cloud so I need that for sure

Thanks for reading and make sure to read the previous blogs and contact me personally at

Monday, 3 February 2014

School essentials for your backpack

Okay school is almost here and no one want to head to school missing something so try to follow these tip you might find them helpful

1.Mini notebook
get a mini sized planner or a notebook or even a piece of paper but make sure that its in your pencilcase and once a teacher talk about a homework or an assignment write it down that way you will never miss a quiz

2.Post it flags
those mini sized post it can be a life saver for those who had been stuck with a 60 years old teacher who seem to see every page is important and want to highlight every dingle line in the drama class

3.A water bottle
Okay we all get thirsty and we always want to drink,I usualyy have those teachers who always have phobias against spilling water But no one want to have a De-hydration

They are useful,cheap,handy and nice and smell really puuuurfect.
Get one from bath and body works they are a dollar or less and this one have been my favorite for this month

5.Emergency Money
Okay how about feeling hungry and craving for a chocolate ?
have some 10$ with you in that back pocket that you can sneak and get

My top favorite Youtubers

Lately I've been obsessed with youtube and Youtubersso I came Up with a List that I really loved them and I felt that they are a Part of me
**Listed in no particular order

This girl is definitely beautiful she was the first beauty guru I saw on the youtube she was doing a School Supplies Haul and since that day I got addicted to Beauty Hauls and stuff like that

2.Bethany Mota
If you are familiar with youtube you may have noticed her, She is a teenager whom she finally has achieved her dreams by doing her own clothing line at aeropostale,And you can check her channel

3.Macbby11 ''Alisha Marie''
You know those girls who you feel so relatable to what they say,,,Alisha is so unique on youtube.
she has her own style and her own taste in editing She is so beautiful and Nice to her fans

Like No other youtuber,Ingrid is so professional and her videos always have that sophistacated taste that no one can copy her videos she is also so Unique

She is just a cute blonde girl who upload videos on youtube about beauty and stuff,I'm actually so excited about her DIY videos on Seventeen Magazine Youtube channel The 1st Video was awsome you should definitely check that out
Wanna be a hipister 
The channel name is cute and special and the girls are so pretty and friendly we became friends in a short day their channel is cheerful and is growing fast