Tuesday, 18 February 2014

5 ways to keep the conversation going

Okay Girls we all have that bestfriend that we are afraid to chat to because we are afraid to ran out of words but here aremy tips that I have came Up with

1.Don't use (DOES,WILL,DID,IS)
These words always give a one word answer which is yes or no and this will never keep a conversation going you can reshape the question form to make it more interesting

2.Talk about something that you are doing
this really make sense but don't text him ''Hey!I'm peeing what are you Up to ?''
Be decent and open minded

Not the bad stalking...Don't make your partner feel he or she is targeted,Make it natural
But if he likes football matches Talk to him about the last goal Messi got
Sounds weird but really work

Don't text anybody everyday.This will never make you find anything to say

5.Don't PANIC
Chatting and texting isn't something to panic about...One day you will master it no matter what sp feel confident to say anything and whatever you say you will keep the conversation going

Try these tips and tell me if they worked for you

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