Monday, 24 February 2014

Ways to start You own skincare routine now

Lately I have been watching alot of videos on youtube...They are not sponsored I know that but they are really encouraging to have a skincare routine..Luckily I Don't really have a poor skin so thanks god I don't need to apply foundation so I decided to Make My own routine and here are my tips

1.Visit Drug store
Go o trips to the drug store or visit the skin care section in target or any place you like get some moisturizer  and facial clean wash and all that girly stuff that make your skin perfect

2.Ask for help
I know its kind of embarrassing and weird to ask your friends about skincare stuff but You don't have to do that In a dret way you can open the discussion and see what they will say also if your mother is interested in these stuff you can also ask her and if not no problem you can still use your own knowledge
No one is born in need of something so cheer Up GIRLLL !!!!!

3..Know You skin type
One of my most faced problems is that I didn't know my skin type so I used an oily skin face wash which was so harmful on my skin and formed alot of dead skin parts on my face and sadly this was so itching that really doesn't make sense so Really you need to test this On your skin or even ask what is your skin type this is super easy

4.Use the T.T.T Method
Basically stand for Test.Try.Throw
If its allowed to test the lotion or anything test it If your skin liked it buy it and Try it at home if any problems existed Throw it Immediately

5.Lotion is Your bestfriend
Lotion is a basic skincare member In your routine.They are affordable and No harm come from them and they always leave your skin and Happy and soft so cheers to every lotion maker company and really huge thanks to them

6.Know what are the main routine making stuff.
Main things for me are Lotion... Just because they are affordable and no trouble come from them and the second essential is make up remover wipes ... I like Jonson ones they are super soft they are 3$ or 5$ Don't really remember.And the last essential for me is a face wash and I suggest johnson facial cleansing Thats not sponsored But their stuff are perfect

7. Watch Youtube videos
They are really encouraging to do alot of stuff and the biggest thing is having a certain skincare routine you will find tons now every one watches thm and they are really perfect they are really fun and they make time flow so fast and You will be shocked with the happiness your skin will be in
Thats all for my tips Did you start a skincare routine or still not convinced
sp kindly tell me what are your tip on starting a skincare routine

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