Thursday, 27 February 2014

Ways to have a better day

Sometimes we tend to have that bad day where everything is already screwed and ypu wish that your mother clap and say bed time just to feel that this day ended
That curved line that make everything stright and it make your face boost with confidence and happiness so everytime you have a bad day smile and everything will be okay and nothing really lasts forever 

2. Nothing lasts forever 
So Nothing really lasts forever everything seem to be hard and tough and that make you feel like its the end of the world 

3.pause the moment 
Okay its weird but like click the pause button and get out of the scene ... Watch it,Now how do you feel 

4.No body was borned to piss you off
Sometimes we are surrounded by bullies and boring siblings which they seem to be our enemies but like no one care about pissing you off 

When life gets tough turn on music or read a book for 20 minutes get back to life ... See? Life is still going with these problems

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