Saturday, 22 March 2014

Ways to make the weekend more fun

We all hate school but as me ... I like school just because of the weekend it may seem weird but like I feel like i deserve this with no regrets so here are my tips on how to spice up your weekend 

1.Ditch it off
Once you leave school forget about all what happened that day but make sure not to forget your homework... Finish all your homework and studying all things you can do in your friday night so you can chill the rest off the weekend

2.set the mood
Have a certain candle and a certain tv show you watch only on the weekendso you can enjoy watching it after doing your homework without regrets so you will actually enjoy it 
Also have a nice music playing in the background while you are cleaning your backpack or piling up your laundry and its better to have a certain list sadly my spotify isn't working but you can actually make your own playlist or you can download songza which basically set up a playlist for every mood and every actoon and it also give you suggestions depending on the time you check in the app 

3.take a nap
Mostly our sleep cycle is usually damaged from the weekdays where ypu hot snooze most of the days un controlably and thats obviously not healthy but we all actually do it so make sure to take a nap it won't make you lose anything 

Sound weird ? Just came up with this abbreviation it stand for girls night out why not hang out with your friends on a satirday morning for a cone of ice cream it actually could make your next week so fresh and memorable. Also don't forget to take a selfie 

5. Have a spa day

Have you favorite bath bomb handy and jump in the shower. You can do a hair mask or a face mask and apply it to your hair or even shave it actually make a hige difference and don't forget to burn your davorite candle because it actually make a difference but make sure to burn the candle not the house JK JK JK 
Just stay safe
So these were my tips for today 
What are yours? 

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