Monday, 24 March 2014

Reasons why you should study

As teens we like to stay by the couch and watch netflix and surf the internet and check on our social networks and actually no one think about school or work or mainly studying but since i was a child i liked studying so here are my reasons
1. The eager to learn
actually if you don't have the eager to learn you won't go any further ... The eager makes you interested so you will remember the ideas more than when you are just studying them for the exam I usually see it from the another perspective I tend to see it as a helping method to make a me a better person 

2. Dont make anybody let you down
For sure our bestfriends didn't read that blogpost but most of them are more likely to devlop the hatred toward studying. Most of us see studying as that monster that kept us away from partying in the middle of the week or made us can't watch the season finale of pll or glee but actually studying isn't that negative. People complain about studying most of their time but don't listen for them 

3.make it fun 
Have alot of coloring highlighters and alot of mechanical pencil so you can have some flashcards you can study from them and also they will be colored so you won't be bored also this will make you excited about school 

4. Set yourself free 
You are not asked to stay studying for 10 hours ... Just read what you have learnt and after 3 hours you are free to do what you look for without any restrictions cuz you have done everything you should actually do without any regrets 

5. Don't procrastinate 
I know that the periodic table is making you crazy but believe me 10 years later your daughter will come and ask you what is a periodic table and you will answer proudly without trying to secretly googling it so procastinating now will show it effect 10 years later and here is karma also procrastinating 

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