Thursday, 10 April 2014

Ways to make memories and make your life more fun

memories...memories the thing that help us get through a bad day
If you have a lot of memories you will be able to escape that bad day to that bright cheerful one in the past that might make you smile.
Since I found out that making memories is so important I decided to find ways to make life or special days memorable

1.Capture it
Our phones are getting better and better Phones are now like DSLR Cameras they give same quality so why not capture those cute outfits you wore or anything that you liked

2.Write it
Have a journal and write all your memories about that day.All the pros and cons and everything that happened be sure to be fair don't mention words that are completely negative so it will make you feel negative in the future also don't make it too positive so you will feel like you are living in a fairytale in the future

3.Remember the date
Okay my friends feel like im a talking calender I always associate the dates and remember the events I always feel like dates make me happy I don't know why I don't use that in a history test but anyways

4.Electronize it
Blog,Tweet,post about it
It will make you actually save the date so As you walk through your timeline you will find yourself seeing what happened in the past months

5.Talk about it
Tell your parents about it
Your friends anyone that you trust so that way when you feel down they will know what can they do to cheer you up
Don't worry they won't consider you a cray cray


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