Thursday, 10 April 2014

tips on how to shop for spring clothes

As usual im so excited for spring I tend to get excited about most ofthe seasonal changes. I actually feel like spring is the mini summer and fall is the mini winter .And how don't love minis
I actually love seasonal changes because of shopping I get excited about buying new stuff and clothes and styling them up and taking photos of my OOTD And making my own lookbook on pinterest
here are my tips and tricks for enjoying shopping

1.Be nerdy
I love to open the online stores of F21 AND H&M.Basically any clothing store but actually when you have a pen and paper and you surf the internet you can actually write what are the most thing that you liked...Did you like the mint green trend or the leggings?Maybe the sweatpants so when you realise what did you actually like and you yell at the screen and at yourself WOW!!! Write it down so when you go to the store you will know what are you searching for And That way you won't mess everything

2.Picture yourself
While you are at the store Picture yourself wearing that muscle tee with your black legging and doing a messy bun That way you will have inpiration that will help you in the future if you bought that piece you will also know if that piece is worth buying or not because most of the time we get stuff and we don't know how we should wear them or style them we don't even notice how they look like

3.Watch youtube videos
They are kinda attractive and time consuming they are worth it I tend to recieve alot of compliments when I dress up according to the tips they say

4.Pin it Pin it
Yeah Use pinterest you can just type ''Spring Outfits''And you will find ideas that Might help you know what are the items actually in your wishlist

5. dress from head to toe
We tend to forget about our shoes but they actually complete the outfits
Try to wear a shoe that go with purse and the headband you are wearing

What did you decided to buy this year??

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