Saturday, 1 March 2014

Ways to be ready for spring❤️

spring is actually mostly her and we all need to have that perfect body and the perfect closet and perfect room and everything so we can enjoy spring
Spring is actually my best season...Fall is also My favorite this is what make me so excited to it so lets discuss together some tips how to be ready and enjoy spring

Maxi skirts and dresses are actually my favorite because they kinda have a pair with the weather so its kinda a win win situation you look cute and you don't feel the hotness of the weather and still enjoying the day

2.Smell the roses
Spring is all about the weather so you defiantly can go for a hike and enjoy the smell of the roses and take the perfect selfies and it would be so joyful if you invited a friend with you so you can share thoughts and chat all the way long

3.Buy new candles
You can get yours at B&BW,Its not about candles only you can get lotions and shower gels hand sanitizers .Spring is all about smelling good no one wanna smell sweaty while trying this new shirt

4.Floral is a trend
Floral maxi skirts,cardigans.tee's and everything say that floral is the key like its starting to be a closet essential for this year and no one wanna look like a girl from the 60's

5.Make your skin ready
Since winter we tend to have chapped lips and a wrinkled hand I don't know I f im the only one or what but I feel like its a real problem to me because I feel like my granny **NO OFFENSE**

6.Work That Body
Its not about being skinny but you need to be healthy the really boost your immune system and make you feel better to having a workout routine is actually perfect

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