Saturday, 25 January 2014

Top 5 things to make your next travel experience as easy as possible

Going on a holiday is a best thing we love summer and spring for
But how about Packing which sometimes turn a lot of Vacations to a nightmare?
Okay this might be your handy dandy Guide for Packing your next Travel Bag

1.Zip Lock Bags are your bestfriends

Use ziplock bags for putting all your favorite lotions and Fragrances&why not using them to save your favorite necklace which your husband gave you in the last valentine

2. Sticky Notes

Okay we all need our toothbrush so we can brush our teeth before getting into that Plane,Same in phone chargers and probably everything and No one want to end up finding he forgot all these super important stuff So use sticky notes and write your lists and stick them On your Bathroom Mirror

If you are going on a flight why don't you download some new music to cheer you Up and make you feel like the clock is moving and time might fly

4.A Book

We alll like reading except reading textbooks of our school,,,If don't feel like buying new books you can still download some E-BOOKS


Why don't you pack a banana it won't really make your bags heavy...Who Knows when will you need this,,,You would really apperciate this blog post if you got stuck in a flight delay 

Okay now try these stuff and tell me if worked for you 

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