Sunday, 26 January 2014


Spring is just about to knock doors but are you ready ?
For me I started watching Youtube hauls for spring and stuff but I'm just trying to share some of Things that I noticed it would be essential for this spring

1.Maxi floral skirt
Okay Ladies and Girls we all love to show our feminine side so How about a Maxi Floral skirt this would probably work for tall girls but I still see that fashion has no rules so go ahead and wear what you like
2.Red Pump Heels
Time to show these legs and say bye bye to cold weather ???!!! Its SPRING  so why don't you throw these socks and wear your heels
Okay this is so self explanatory go buy some sandals

 4. A Pair of dark washed Jeans
okay this guy you can wear it with any cute blouse and it will go with heels and sandals and even UGGS 
5.Any thing mint colored
Since I watched Bethany Mota's last video about running late she was wearing a mint colored sweater,,, since that day I Fell in love with that color but sadly I cant find it anywhere 

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